Free IRS Tax Help Easy Tax Information provides FREE TAX HELP And TAXES is what this website is all about!

Yes, IRS TAX DAY -- is NEAR! For your 2015 TAXES, it's Friday, April 15th, 2016.

No matter what they call them, at the end of the line, all taxes are essentially imposed on money you received at some point.

Basically, we make Tax Information EASY to find and EASY to understand and we try to take the complexity out of the mix so you can obtain Free Tax Help and live EASYwith less stress in your life!

"He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation... For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.... We, therefore... solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States." ~The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies, 1776 (

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Tony The Tax Man

Let's face it; taxes are boring! So the guy at left is "Tony The Tax Man!" You will see Tony all over the place at and he wants to offer Free Income Tax Help whenever he can.

While Tony will be pointing things out and providing tax tips, he may even tell you a decent joke here and there. Tony will try his very best to make this site very EASY to use to find the tax information you're looking for!

While both are not very happy thoughts, in the United States today, we all know there are only two things we all must do; PAY TAXES AND DIE!!! Well, since nobody really wants to talk about dying, this website is all about taxes; why we pay them, who we pay them to, and the many ways they are collected.

We offer FREE State Tax Help, as well as FREE IRS Tax Help so ultimately, it's a ton of tax help FREE! Once again, it's EASY TAX INFORMATION!!!

Ever feel like they're shaking all your money out of you with so many taxes?
Tax Collector Shaking Down A Citizen For Taxes

There are tons of websites out there about Federal Tax Information, and even State Tax Information - but almost all of them are overwhelming, have way too much info crammed on to single pages - and alot of them use a bunch of mumbo jumbo words that make it difficult to understand. We keep it simple -- FREE TAX HELP, that's the ticket!

Whether you’re looking for Easy Tax Information or FREE Tax Help about State or Federal Taxes - or you simply need to download State Tax Forms or a Federal Tax Form, this is where to find it all!

Taxes Taking Over Family Budget

We know taxes are taxing your family's budget in a major way.

That's why you will also find a wealth of resources on this site to help direct you to professionals who can help you with things like FREE Tax Advice and FREE Tax Filing.

You'll also find on this site - important and current - IRS payment addresses and IRS Phone Numbers and most basic IRS Tax Forms that a consumer might need.

Buy books about TAXES here if you like too!

We'll even get you to the right place to help you determine the status of your State or Federal TAX REFUNDS!

You can also be directed to a variety of Tax Calculators that can help determine the number of exemptions you may want to put on your W4 form when you get a new job - or with estimating your federal or state income taxes and even how much your paycheck might be, based on the exemptions you choose.

Finally, on our "Taxes In The News" page, you'll find regular articles on everything from Gift Taxes and Inheritance Taxes to Social Security Taxes and even Tax Scams.



Search Easy Tax Information
Search Easy Tax Information
Tax Books That Provide All You Ever Wanted To Know About Taxes
Interesting tax books you can buy about saving tax money, death taxes, tax havens, tax history, tax liens or to learn more about the IRS.
File Taxes Online For FREE In 2014 - It's EASY!
Quick and easy options for you to FILE TAXES Online For FREE. Don't end up at filing entities that are not really free and can be complicated.
Federal Tax Refund Status To Check Income Tax Refund
Check your Federal Tax Refund Status Free quickly and easily and get the answer to that question Wheres My Tax Refund.en your money will be coming in.
Apply For Tax ID Number - Obtain IRS Tax ID Number Now
Quickly find out if you need to Apply For Tax ID Number. If you find out you need one, apply immediately and have your Federal EIN available to use within minutes.
Your State Tax Refund Status -- For All 50 State Tax Refunds Pages
If you're wondering about your State Tax Refund Status, you can quickly check out the status of your state tax refunds here.
Buying Tax Lien Certificate Or Tax Deed Sales Online As Investment
Considering Buying Tax Lien Certificate? It is very important to understand the benefits and pitfalls so you'll get a great return on your investment.
IRS Unclaimed Tax Money - Find Out If You Have Tax Money To Claim
More than $1BILLION per year of irs unclaimed tax money sits at the IRS waiting for to be claimed. Get your money back now!
Diesel Fuel Taxes - Compare Taxes On Diesel Fuel In All 50 States
Find Diesel Fuel Taxes, listed by state for all 50 states in an easy to follow format. You can also compare the highest and lowest taxed states.
2015 State Gasoline Taxes - See The Gasoline Tax Rate In Every State
State Gasoline Taxes, listed by state for all 50 states. Are your state fuel taxes the highest or lowest? Numbers shown include Federal Gasoline Taxes as well.
2013 Gift Tax Rules That Answer Your Gift Tax Questions
Simple 2013 gift tax rules translated from complex gift tax laws - for you who give or receive gifts to or from friends and family.
History Of Income Tax - How U.S. Tax History Shaped America
The History of Income Tax and other Taxes in the United States; past to present.
IRS Mileage Tax Deduction Rates - 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010
The Mileage Tax Deduction is another excellent reason to itemize your deductions to see if you can beat the standard deduction.
2014 IRS Payment Address To Mail Your 2013 Federal Tax Returns
It's important you have the correct 2014 IRS Payment Address when looking for the IRS Tax Return Address for your State to mail in your 2013 tax returns.
IRS Phone Numbers - Including The IRS Toll Free Phone Number
Important IRS Phone Numbers for 2012 - For Tax Refunds, Tax Forms or other IRS Tax Assistance you might need.
2013 Federal Tax Rate Schedule - Based On US Income Tax Rates
Here's a Free Federal Tax Rate Schedule for 2013 you can use when you want to see how 2012 tax rates apply to all levels of income, including your own personal income.
No Income Tax States - There Are Nine States Without Income Tax
The no income tax states collect other types of taxes, which allow them to be states with no income tax.
States Without Sales Tax - There Are Five States With No Sales Tax
Learn how the Five States without Sales Tax operate without it and what other taxes are collected instead in these no sales tax states.
Property Taxes By State
Detailed information for Property Taxes By State for all 50 States in the U.S..
State Sales Tax Table
We provide a complete State Sales Tax Table that includes the State level sales tax for all 50 States, also depicted as a State Sales Tax Chart graphic.
Free Printable Tax Forms
Free Printable Tax Forms for 2014 and previous years for Federal Taxes and all 50 states. Fill in on your computer or download for later use.
1040 Income Tax Form - Print It Free Now
Free 1040 Income Tax Form; back to 2010. Complete Free 1040 form online and print or download for later.
2015 Income Tax Form 1040A: Free Download or Print Now
If you need a 2015 Income Tax Form 1040A, you can print it FREE here.
Print 1040EZ Tax Forms Free Here For 2015
Print 1040ez printable tax forms free for 2015 or download a 1040ez instruction booklet now for later use.
Free 1040 ES Form Here - Print Now Or Download For Later Use
Print a 1040 ES Form for free here - or easily download the form 1040 es and complete it on your computer to estimate your taxes for next year. It really doesn't get any easier than this.
Free Printable IRS Form 1040X To Amend Previous Year's Tax Returns
Download and Print free IRS Form 1040x tax forms, along with a complete set of Form 1040X Instructions if you need to amend a previous year's taxes.
Free 1099 Tax Forms for 2015 / 2016 That Include 1099 Instructions
Download and or print Free 1099 Tax Forms for 2015 / 2016 and learn how to order the Free 1099 Form you'll need to file with the IRS.
Print a Free W-9 Form for 2016
Free 2016 W-9 Form you can fill out online or download multiple W9 Forms for later use.
Free W4 Tax Form for 2016 With Instructions
Print a Free W4 Tax Form for 2016 or complete online and submit to your employer.
2012 Printable State Tax Forms You Can Easily Download
We provide access to 2012 printable state tax forms for all 50 states. You can fill out these forms right on your computer for easy online filing.
Free Federal Tax Extension Form - Print Tax Form 4868 Here
Print and File a Federal Tax Extension Form 4868 if you need more time beyond April 18th, 2016 to complete and file your 2015 tax return.'s Privacy Policy
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The 1986 Tax Reform Act - Simplification Of The U.S. Tax Code?
The 1986 Tax Reform Act was historic legislation that brought significant changes to U.S. tax laws, many of which are still debated amid controversy today.

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