Diesel Fuel Taxes By State

Diesel Fuel Taxes

Just like regular or premium unleaded gasoline, Diesel Fuel Taxes in most states are quite significant!

In fact, when combined with Federal Taxes -- taxes on diesel fuel are actually higher on average than gasoline taxes.

These days diesel fuel costs more than regular gasoline so higher taxes on diesel fuel hurt even more!

"The more you earn, the less you keep and now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to take, if the tax-collector hasn't got it before I wake." ~Ogden Nash (www.QuoteGarden.com)

Also, because now Diesel Fuel costs more than regular gas, all of these higher diesel fuel taxes hit us where it hurts most - right in our wallets!

As well, just like gasoline, there are various state excise and other state taxes "hidden" in the cost of a gallon at your local gas station. Diesel Fuel Pump Sucking Up Your Cash Remember, unlike a "Sales Tax" where the amount of tax you're paying is obvious because it's added after the fact, these taxes are very mysterious because they're included in the per-gallon price you pay at the pump.

We want to make as many people as possible aware of the taxes they pay when they stop to "top it off" so they know when the fuel pump is sucking away all their money!

Putting Money In Your Gas Tank

Are you putting too much of your hard earned money in your gas tank? What is it costing you every week to fill your tank?

Is it over $30 yet? Or is it $40, $60, $80, $100???? Anyone remember the days when 5 bucks could get you a 1/4 tank? Ha! Stop reminicsing! Those days are longgggggg gone!!!

When we show you how much of that hard earned money you are spending for every gallon is simply tax, it may just incent you to get active and start looking for alternative energy sources as a means to stop relying mostly on oil to power our automobiles and trucks!

As of October, 2015, the National "average" combined
State and Federal DIESEL FUEL TAX is 54.41 cents per gallon.


1. Pennsylvania

2. Washington

3. New York

4. Indiana

5. Hawaii

To quickly compare States that have the highest combined (Local, State and Federal) Taxes verses the States with the lowest, please go ahead and just click here or on the image below. The summary information shown in the Map graphic is provided by the American Petroleum Institute and was published in October, 2015.

Diesel Fuel Taxes By State - October 2015

Red Fuel Pump Hose

Here we provide details for all States, showing the State Excise Tax and other State Taxes you pay for Diesel Fuel in each state.

We then we show the total of the combined Local, State and Federal taxes for EACH gallon you pump.

Now to see how much your state is pumping you just click here or on the image below to see a larger graphic. Just don't scream too loud when you see this!

Source: American Petroleum Institute; Updated October, 2015:

Diesel Fuel Taxes State By State - October 2015

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