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Are you getting ready to file your taxes this season? Find everything you need and download free K1 Forms from Easy Tax Information. We provide updated, accurate information for everyone - people who file their taxes by paper or electronically. 

Everyone has to pay taxes, so knowing why you pay them, who you pay them to and the many ways they are collected will only benefit you. Even though paying taxes isn’t fun, it helps when you’re informed. The more you are informed, the more accurately you can fill out tax forms and maximize your tax return.


What is a K1 Tax Form?


Our print K1 Tax Forms for IRS are easy to find and download on our website. A K1 Form reports the amounts that are passed through to each party that has an interest in a particular business entity or corporation. The purpose of the form is to shift the income tax liability from the entity earning the income to the people who have an interest in it.

Download Free K1 Form

2015 IRS K1 1065 Form

Who Should Fill Out the K1 Form?


Download your free K1 Form directly off our website and read the instruction booklet for more information. Each partner in the business entity is responsible for filling out their own information and reporting their share of income, losses, deductions and credits that the business has reported on the 1065 Form. Make sure that you are following through and filling out the K1 Tax Form free download from Easy Tax Information.


In addition to our print K1 Tax forms for IRS, you can also find plenty of resources regarding federal tax information and state tax information. We also include interesting reads on the history of taxes and the various rules that go along with gasoline tax rates and monetary gifts. All of our information is accurate and updated - we LOVE to keep people informed!


Whether you need contact information for the IRS, access to easy-to-use tax calculators or to download free K1 Forms, you can find everything you need on Easy Tax Information.