IRS Tax Form 1040a

The IRS Tax Form 1040A free print download is available for those who don’t qualify to file the 1040EZ Form but also don’t have enough deductions to fill out the 1040 Form. If this is your situation, you’ll find the downloadable forms that you need with Easy Tax Information. Each form includes detailed instructions in case you have any questions.


Requirements for the Free Print Download 1040A Income Tax Form


You must meet six requirements to file the 1040A Tax Form.


●      Taxable income must be less than 100K
●      You cannot have business or farm income
●      You don’t itemize deductions
●      Limited tax credits
●      Limited adjustments to income
●      No AMT adjustments on stock acquired by exercising incentive stock option


If you meet these six requirements, you may access our free print download 1040A income tax form.


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