2012 Printable State Tax Forms
For All 50 States

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We've made it EASY to download 2012 Printable State Tax Forms for all 50 states and fill out your own state tax return forms right on your computer!

Now we know this may not be your favorite thing to be doing, so we've tried to make it as EASY as possible for you!

We've made all the Printable State Tax Forms accessible on our site, with all States in alphabetical order.

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Has Tons of FREE State TAX Forms!

"Taxation with representation ain't so hot either." ~Gerald Barzan (www.QuoteGarden.com)

You will be able to find just about any 2012 FREE State Tax Forms you'll need going back to 2006. If you need one prior to 2006, then you might try looking on the website for that state's department of revenue.

We have a link to those State sites on every "Taxes By State" page.

Over time, we will make all State Tax Return Forms available directly on this site and you won't need to go to each of the State tax sites to get them!

There are nine States with NO State Income Tax. Those States are:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire*
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee*
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

    * NOTE: In the States of New Hampshire and Tennessee, some interest and dividend income is taxed. Please see those state websites for more information about these taxes.Click here for more info about States Without Income Tax

    If you need other Printable State Tax Forms besides Income Tax Forms, you'll be able to retrieve those also from each of the State websites.

    Easy TAX Information

    These pages load fast and provide what you're looking for and the the links go directly to the tax forms in a way that makes everything EASY to find.

    Simply double click on the State in the State Chart below that you want to download State Tax Forms from and you will find what you need. It really is that EASY!

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    (States with NO Income Tax, thus no income tax forms, are indicated upon click)
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    Alabama Tax Forms
    Nebraska Tax Forms
    Alaska Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Nevada Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Arizona Tax Forms
    New Hampshire Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax*)
    Arkansas Tax Forms
    New Jersey Tax Forms
    California State Tax Forms
    New Mexico Tax Forms
    Colorado Tax Forms
    New York Tax Forms
    Connecticut Tax Forms
    North Carolina Tax Forms
    DC Tax Forms
    North Dakota Tax Forms
    Delaware Tax Forms
    Ohio Tax Forms
    Florida Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Oklahoma Tax Forms
    Georgia Tax Forms
    Oregon Tax Forms
    Hawaii Tax Forms
    Pennsylvania Tax Forms
    Idaho Tax Forms
    Puerto Rico Tax Forms
    Illinois Tax Forms
    Rhode Island Tax Forms
    Indiana Tax Forms
    South Carolina Tax Forms
    Iowa Tax Forms
    South Dakota Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Kansas Tax Forms
    Tennessee Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax*)
    Kentucky Tax Forms
    Texas Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Louisiana Tax Forms
    U.S.V.I. Tax Forms
    Maine Tax Forms
    Utah Tax Forms
    Maryland Tax Forms
    Vermont Tax Forms
    Massachusetts Tax Forms
    Virginia Tax Forms
    Michigan Tax Forms
    Washington Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)
    Minnesota Tax Forms
    Washington DC Tax Forms
    Mississippi Tax Forms
    West Virginia Tax Forms
    Missouri Tax Forms
    Wisconsin Tax Forms
    Montana Tax Forms
    Wyoming Tax Forms
    (No State Income Tax)

    For Washington DC Tax Forms, Click Here.

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