Property Taxes By State

State Property Taxes

Wanna know the various Property Taxes by State for all 50 States?

Well, there aren't a lot of sites out there that will get you to the right place.

State Property Tax Rates for all states can be difficult to find, especially all in one place.

"The power of taxing people and their property is essential to the very existence of government." ~James Madison, U.S. President (

Instead of digging around site after site to find the information you need, we provide access to Property Tax By State in an alphabetical listing. Your property is most likely your most valuable asset! If you own more than one, then good for you! You Rock!!!

However, whether you own one property or ten, you definitely want to know what you'll owe in taxes so you can pay what you owe and ensure you get all your exemptions. Most importantly, you want to be sure you pay on time (so you don't go to the clinker!)

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The chart below contains links to information about the taxes you'll pay on Property Taxes By State for every state in the United States.

Just click on the link where you want to learn more about State Property Tax Rates for that state.

It's one stop shopping here! Please enjoy!

To find information about Property Taxes By State for your State, just double click on the State you are interested in the State Map box below -- or on the State Name in the link section below the State Map -- and Whalla, you're there!

For Washington DC Property Taxes, Click Here.

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