2015 State Gasoline Taxes
Listed By State

Gasoline Tax Rate

We want to help educate people about the actual state gasoline taxes and diesel fuel taxes they are paying every time they stop to "fill-er up!" YOU need to know what's going on!

There are a number of states that have been raising the gasoline tax rate each year as it is sort of a hidden tax.

Compare the highest and lowest state fuel taxes below.

The word "stealth" comes to mind. You've heard of the Stealth Fighter, right?

State Gasoline Taxes Well, politicians think they can just raise gas taxes and people won't realize it's a tax on fuel causing the price to go up at the pump -- and they secretly hope people will blame the oil companies for the price increase.

You see, State Gasoline Taxes -- which are squeezing your money out of you -- are pretty much a real mystery because one of them is what is called an "excise tax."

This means the tax is included in the final price you pay per gallon -- as opposed to a typical "Sales Tax" which is added after the final price.

There are other types of state taxes you're not aware of -- included in the cost also!

State Gasoline Taxes

Future Gas Prices

If we can help make a lot more people aware of how much they're actually paying in State and Federal Fuel Taxes for every gallon of gas they buy...

Who knows, maybe future gas prices won't have to be so high!


"Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents?" ~Peg Bracken (www.QuoteGarden.com)

As of October, 2015 the National "average" combined
State and Federal GASOLINE TAX is 48.69 cents per gallon.


1. Pennsylvania

2. Washington

3. New York

4. Hawaii

5. California

Now, if you would like to quickly compare States to see which States have the highest combined (Local, State and Federal) Gasoline Taxes verses the States with the lowest, just click here or on the image below. The summary information shown in the Map graphic is provided by the American Petroleum Institute and was published in October, 2015.

Gasoline Taxes By State - October 2015

Gas Gauge Almost Empty Hopefully you won't run out of gas before you see this but we begin by providing a detailed listing of all States showing the State Excise Tax and other State Taxes you pay for gasoline in each state.

Then we show the total of all of these Local, State and Federal Gasoline Taxes combined. Now to see how much you're getting gauged by your state, just click here or on the image below to see a larger graphic of the mess we know to be State Gasoline Taxes.

Source: American Petroleum Institute; Updated October, 2015:

Gasoline Tax Detail By State - October, 2015

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Gas Pump Suicide

Let's all hope that taxes on gasoline do not get so high one day that the gas pumps themselves get so bent out of shape in trying to tell us that increasing gas taxes without any limits is a terrible, terrible idea!

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