Check State Tax Refund Status
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State Tax Refund Status

Have you been looking for a way to check your State Tax Refund Status and asking yourself "wheres my tax refund ?,"

Well, you can heck state tax refunds here and find out right now.

These ladies want YOU to be a HAPPY TAXPAYER!

So, they're hoping YOUR State Tax Refund Status shows REALLY BIG STATE TAX REFUNDS for all of you!

"Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund." ~F.J. Raymond (

Let's face it, none of us want to pay taxes and the less tax we pay, the happier we are -- because that means we can consume more!

So again, if you're wondering Wheres My Tax Refund, you can check your State Tax Refund Status right here!

(For FEDERAL TAX REFUND STATUS, go to the bottom of this page)

Some of us pay taxes in advance and others of us pay taxes in arrears, and yet some of us even dare to try to get away without paying taxes at all! However, at the end of the day -- those of us that want to stay out of serious tax troubles, pay Uncle Sam his due at some point.

State Tax Refund

If we pay our State taxes in advance and pay more than is due, then we are due a State Taxes Refund.

Well, you can find the link for your state to check YOUR VERY OWN State Tax Refund status. RIGHT BELOW!

To check on your State Tax Refund Status, just click on the link in the box below for your State and you'll be taken to the State site where you can find out the status of your State Tax Refund.

Note: If the box for your State says "No Personal Income Tax" that link will simply take you to the Revenue Department for that State because you don't have to file a personal income tax return in that State, which means you probably shouldn't be wondering "wheres my tax refund."


A To M N To Z
Alabama Tax Refund
Nebraska Tax Refund Status
No Personal Income Tax
No Personal Income Tax
Arizona Tax Refund
New Hampshire
No Personal Income Tax
Arkansas Tax Refund
New Jersey Tax Refund
California Tax Refund Status
New Mexico Tax Refund
Colorado Tax Refund
New York Tax Refund
Connecticut Tax Refund Status
North Carolina Tax Refund
DC Tax Refund
North Dakota Tax Refund
Delaware Tax Refund Status
Ohio Tax Refund
No Personal Income Tax
Oklahoma Tax Refund Status
Georgia Tax Refund
Oregon Tax Refund Status
Hawaii Tax Refund Status
Pennsylvania Tax Refund
Idaho Tax Refund
Puerto Rico Tax Refund Status
Illinois Tax Refund Status
Rhode Island Tax Refund Status
Indiana Tax Refund
South Carolina Tax Refund
Iowa Tax Refund Status
South Dakota
No Personal Income Tax
Kansas Tax Refund Status
No Personal Income Tax
Kentucky Tax Refund Status
No Personal Income Tax
Louisiana Tax Refund
U.S.V.I. Tax Refund Status
Maine Tax Refund Status
Utah Tax Refund
Maryland Tax Refund
Vermont Tax Refund
Massachusetts Tax Refund
Virginia Tax Refund
Michigan Tax Refund
Washington State
No Personal Income Tax
Minnesota Tax Refund
Washington DC Tax Refund
Mississippi Tax Refund
West Virginia Tax Refund Status
Missouri Tax Refund
Wisconsin Tax Refund
Montana Tax Refund Status
No Personal Income Tax

We suggest you wait at least 3 days before checking on the status of your tax refund -- if you filed electronically -- and 3 to 4 weeks if you filed a paper return.

Remember, to get your full refund -- without interest and/or penalties assessed -- file your taxes by the deadline of

April 15th!

State Taxes Refund

Here you can find out quickly the status of your FEDERAL TAX REFUND. Hopefully your Federal Refund will be arriving to your bank account or mailbox and Uncle Sam won't be sitting on your money anymore this year!

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