States With No Sales Tax

Believe it or not, there are still Five States Without Sales Tax, each of which retain a type of unique status in the United States.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's 10%!

That's pretty darned good in a country where State Budget deficits are rising like Mountain climbers climbing that whopper of a Mountain they call Mount Everest!

"The sales tax seems to be more politically acceptable than the income tax." ~Raymond C. Scheppach(

Here they are -- in all their glory and in alphabetical order, the States With No Sales Tax:

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Congrats to those who live in or nearby these States without sales tax -- or even those who have friends or relatives in these States because they can buy stuff for you in these States Without Sales Tax and ship it to you for you!

Alasaka - States With No Sales Tax

To date, Alaska has derived the vast majority of her tax revenue from the production of BLACK COAL, AKA TEXAS TEA -- OIL, that is!!! So other than the uh, (BRRRRRRR) up there, these folks are living pretty darned well!

Note: Alaska does allow Local jurisdictions to collect "Local" Sales Tax, which averages across localities about 1.12%.

Delaware - States With No Sales Tax

Instead of a State or Local Sales Tax on purchases in Delaware, the State levies what is called a "Gross Receipts Tax" on businesses that sell goods or provide services. Depending on the type of business activity, this tax rate ranges from 0.1037% to 2.0736%.

Montana - States With No Sales Tax

The State of Montana seems to make due with many of the other types of taxes that are levied throughout the State on income, businesses, property - and fairly high excise taxes on gasoline and tobacco. Montana also receives a lot of Federal spending back in the State too.

New Hampshire - States With No Sales Tax
New Hampshire

New Hampshire is also one of the nine States that doesn't have a personal income tax. New Hampshire is able to maintain this unique status because they collect significant tax revenues from businesses and property taxes. Let's see how this evolves.

Oregon - States With No Sales Tax

While lower than average in terms of the overall tax burden in the State, high income tax rates and higher than average business and corporate taxes are likely what enables the State of Oregon to forego a consumer Sales Tax on purchases.

Abe Lincoln 5 Dollar Bill Now we know the people who live in these No Sales Tax States are lucky! But if you live in one of the States next to or nearby these States YOU are lucky too because YOU can hop on over the State border and do a little TAX FREE shopping any time you want!

Those $5 dollar bills with ole Abe's face on them sure do add up in a hurry!

CLICK HERE TOP SEE THE NINE STATES WITH NO INCOME TAX, If you already saw our page where we show you that there are a total of nine States with no income tax, then you know that Alaska (the home of VP candidate Sarah Palin) and New Hampshire (one of the places that makes or breaks future VPs) are extra SPECIAL!

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