W2 Tax Forms

Easy Tax Information is dedicated to helping people file their taxes while feeling confident about their tax return. We offer pages of information as well as printable W2 Tax Forms. W2 Tax Forms are used by employers to report wage and salary information for all employees. These forms also report the amount of federal, state and other taxes that are withheld from each check. These forms for IRS income tax are necessary for employees come tax time.

At Easy Tax Information, we hope that you find all the information and IRS income tax forms you need to file your taxes. No one likes having to pay taxes, but sometimes it helps to understand why we pay them, who we pay them to and the many ways they are collected. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what the purpose of taxes are and they feel like they’re being robbed month after month.


It doesn’t help that many tax websites are difficult to follow and understand. They contain too much information and end up confusing people. Our website is clean, simple and easy to follow, with downloadable W2 Tax Forms and pages of information that are accurate and FREE. In addition to our free print W2 Tax Forms for IRS, you can also find other information on our site:


●      State tax information
●      Federal tax information
●      Tax calculators
●      Basic IRS tax forms
●      IRS payment addresses
●      IRS phone numbers


Our free print W2 Tax Forms for IRS come with an explanation as to what the form is for and how to fill it out appropriately. We know how confusing it can be to navigate through all of these forms and know exactly what you need. A couple of changes can make the difference between getting something back at tax time and not.


Face this tax season with confidence. Get the answers, information and W2 Tax Forms you need with Easy Tax Information.